Champagne Khaki

Featuring one of my favourite bomber jackets, this khaki jacket, styled with a white longline plain t-shirt with side zips, black jeans with knee rips and white, black and gold adidas superstars. I'm at the dilemma where i want to wear the trainers 24/7 but don't want to ruin them. First world problems. I didn't really know whether or not to wear a hat, after all, the trim is still so fresh, but the snapback, I thought added more the outfit. This outfit is perfect for parties, gathering, dates, etc.. due to it's casual yet well put together nature. The hat is also good for when your hair is a mess and you want to style it out. Make sure to share it with friends
Jacket: HM
Shirt: HM
Jeans: HM
Trainers: Adidas
Photos by: Daisy Ashfield