The face you make when someone is talking to you, and you want to listen, but you also want to know why they have morning breath in the afternoon

dat ass tho

This post features me sporting a black and khaki colour scheme. The jacket, is one of my favorite styles of jacket, suede kind of materiel, with leather sleeves. Don't what it is but i'm just a fan of it. I also have this thing with Khaki, I don't know why, but its become my new favorite colour to wear. All I need is a khaki suit, and I'll have every type of clothing in khaki. I'm that far in the obsession. I used to make fun of the concept of ripped jeans. I never understood the hype. I got a pair, and the first thing I noticed was that my knee was cold, so far, not buying into this hype but things could change. They are definitely more fit for summer. I also got new boots, they are my new favorite thing, I wear them every excuse I get. I make sure to clean them, so that they can stay as black as possible, so we can match.

Jacket: Asos
Shirt: Topman
Watch: LordTimePiece
Jeans: Custom
Boots: Asos

Photos by: Daisy Ashfield