Noir x Blanc

 She said act natural, I think I listened to her instructions very well.

An extra way of saying white and black
This post involves a very monochrome outfit, featuring the simple colors of black and white. I decided to involve a simple" black and white outfit on today's post. Todays outfit consisted of a white blazer, with black everything else really. I have stated time and time again that black is all I wear so by combining a blacked out outfit with a bright-ass blazer it adds a sense of colorful elegance...hopefully 

P.S I am aware I am wearing 2 different kind of socks, but life is too short to waste time matching socks when your train leaves in 5 minutes and your house is 8 minutes away from the train station

Blazer & Pocket square: Asos
Shirt: HM
Trousers: Asos
Loafers: TK Maxx
Watch: Armani Exchange

Photos by: Hell-ga Kocsmar