When In Rome: 2

This time round I was in Colosseo Di Roma. A historical moment that I've been wanting to see for a while
Did you know that i've climbed this monument before... in Assassin's Creed.. they wouldn't let me attempt it in real life

 My skin changes more frequently than British weather to be honest

Enough of the sun part 2

 After about 10 minutes of walking up hill, I finally made it to the top view
 The view was incredible, wouldn't recommend it to those afraid of heights

 You'll have to ask the photographer what this was cause I have no words about this one
 I forgot to turn my swag off
 The inside of of the Colosseum

Those are all the pictures I can share at the moment. I had a great time in Rome, despite spending 80% of it seeking shade. After a LONG and frankly undeserving break, i am going to try and start posting regularly, or as regular as I can. Post of the outfit i'm wearing among others coming soon

                                                          Photos by: Annie Abu